The reason that critical pedagogy is so appealing has to do with its generative nature. Critical educators, by definition, do not seek to inscribe a particular curricula or specific content on learners. With the emergent understanding that comes out of people sharing their stories and recognizing similarities across differences comes the ability to build consensus and act to seek change.

Emergent designs for research fit well with a critical pedagogical model. If the research model I designed over a year ago was still exactly what I was working with, I’d be concerned. The eureka! moments that come from clarity, from stepping away and assessing your own perspective in a new light, are definitely daily illuminations.

The Drop Knowledge Project is becoming more powerful everyday because of its emergent construction. All kinds of very bright youth and committed educators are signing up to #dropknowledge through publishing, new media, direct action and the arts. Join us!

~ by Elizabeth Bishop on 2011.11.21.

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