Visions Of Emma Goldman

As I paused from revising my writing, I decided to peer into the work of Patti Lather. Lather is an incredibly compelling poststructuralist (she might say postcritical) researcher in the field of education. She teaches at Ohio State University and wrote an excellent book in 2007 called Getting Lost: Feminist Efforts toward a Double(d) Science.

As I think about how I will organize my dissertation into a final draft with an eye towards publication (I’m looking at you AK Press), I frequently turn to writers like Lather, like Linda Tuhiwai Smith and others who work to decolonize the methodologies of the social sciences. Check out the table of contents below to get a sense of Lather’s deeply playful intertextual inquiry in “Getting Lost.”  I can’t wait to see what rhizomatic revisions this re-reading inspires me to create tonight as I return to my own chapters.


  • Chapter One: Shifting Imaginaries in the Human Sciences: A Feminist Reading
  • Interlude: Excerpted interview with Patti Lather
  • Chapter Two: Methodology as Subversive Repetition: Practices Toward a Feminist Double(d) Science
  • Interlude: Naked Methodology
  • Chapter Three: Double(d) Science, Mourning and Hauntology: Scientism, Scientificity, and Feminist Methodology
  • Interlude: If We Held a Reunion, Would Anyone Come?
  • Chapter Four: Textuality as Praxis: With Ears to Hear the Monstrous Text
  • Interlude: Excerpted Email Updates
  • Chapter Five: Applied Derrida: (Mis)reading the work of Mourning in Social Research
  • Interlude: Deja Vu All Over Again: Feminism, Postmodernism, and the Educational Left
  • Chapter Six: Fertile Obsession: Validity after Poststructuralism
  • Interlude: Dear Elliot, August 1996-November 1997
  • Chapter Seven: Postbook: Working the Ruins of Feminist Ethnography
  • Interlude: The Angel to Philosophy of Science

~ by Elizabeth Bishop on 2011.12.29.

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