Building Blocks

“Becoming Activist” – Chapter Titles and Tracks.

Due to be released Spring 2013 by Emma Goldman Press.


Chapter i. Introduction: Locating the Imaginary Horizon.

Chapter 0. Mapping Rhizomatic Research Lines: Engendering Promiscuous Epistemologies

Chapter 1. Research De/sign: Deconstructing Form and Reconstructing Method

Chapter 2. Deterritorializing Contexts: Explorations in Past/Present/Future Youth Activism

Chapter 3. Thinking Differently: A Taxonomy of Critical Literacy in Educational Research

Chapter 4. Hybrid Uprising: Six Trajectories of Individual Urban Youth Organizers

Chapter 5. VagaDeFranco

Chapter 6. Gentle Meadows

Chapter 7. Green Strawberries

Chapter 8. People’s Republic of Mars

Chapter 9. Awesome Woman

Chapter 10. Dominican Puerto Rican Arab

Chapter 11. Tracing Lines of Flight: A Community of Activists and Activisms

Chapter 12. Refracting A Fraction of Activists: Participatory Action Research Enacted

Chapter 13. Auto/ethnographic Iteration: When We Speak/When We’re Silent

Chapter 14. Against Academentia: On Making Academic Arguments

Chapter 15. Fragmented Findings: An Argument For Forms of Transgressive Validity

Chapter 16. Reflections on Reflecting: Metacognition from Activists Becoming Activist

Chapter 17. Anti-Oppressive Implications: A Queer Theory of Critically Literate Activism

Chapter 18. What It Means To Occupy Everywhere: Internalizing the Extra!Personal

Chapter 19. A Nietzschean Remix: A Few Aphoristic Points About the Ethical-Political

Chapter 20. Future Tracks: Visions Extending Educational Rhizomatic Research Agendas

Chapter 21. The Eternal Return of the Epilogue: On Joy as a Vital Force for Convergence


~ by Elizabeth Bishop on 2012.09.29.

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